We’ve been waiting for this, people are saying that Olajumoke could get all the money in the world and all the fame in the world but what she really needs is education. People are concerned about the endangerment that could come with her new personality and dramatic lifestyle change, recently some really sexy pictures of Jumoke surfaced and because of her status as a married woman, many members of the public have had a lot to say. A student from UNILAG had this to say ““Without education, she will not go far and as it is people are just telling her what to do, the day she demands for what she really wants, her career will end,”

“I guess people just want to use her illiteracy to make money and gain publicity.”


Others are saying that because she isn’t trained and because of her lack of formal education that she will not be able to sustain her new found fame. #EducateOlajumoke.

What do you think?