Wife of pedophile seeks divorce from court

Family problem

Blessing Ilo has sought for divorce from her husband through the Nyanta Customary Court in Abuja after finding out that he sleeps with his 12-year-old daughter.

A testimony was made by Ilo as she filed for divorce against her husband, James Akpan.

“All the while I was living with my husband and that little girl of 12 years, I don’t know that my husband was always having sex with her when I’m out of the house.

“I would not have suspected anything because when my husband brought the little girl into the house, he told me that she was one of his children from another woman.

“Also, the girl was still a child that no sane man will lust after,” she added.

According to Ilo, the young girl had previously reported her father’s actions to the police, informing them on how he tied her hands before having sex.

Ilo made it known to the court that she was very eager to move out of her marital home because of the havoc he creates in the house when he is intoxicated.

“My husband always urinate around the house whenever he is drunk; sometimes on the bed or on the floor of the room.

“Worst of all, one day he woke up in the night and went straight to the kitchen, opened the bucket of drinking water and urinated into it,” she said.

She went on to add how her husband had been neglecting his family duties by not providing food for the family, “not even his child’s school fees.”

During Ilo’s testimony, James Akpan was not present in court after being summoned on three different occasions to which he refused an appearance.

The case has currently been adjourned until the 9th of February.