What would life be without Denrele antics!

Oh Denrele what would life be without your antics! So our “BIRL” Denrele fell of a fashion runway stage in Port Harcourt, doing things we know good and well he has no business doing! We could not help but laugh and sympathize with him!

With his trademark long braids, Denrele was looking pretty fly when he took to the runway of this fashion event, then it would have not been Denrele on stage if he didn’t decide to give his stage presence some VAVA VOOM by whining and whipping his long bright orange braids back & forth to Masterkraft’s hit track! We didn’t see the fall coming at all, but in true Denrele fashion like the die-hard that he is, he got back up IMMEDIATELY and continued like it was part of the show! So he says!

We love you Denrele and you make our job sooooo much easier