#theSOCIAL 6th of July 2016

We told you that we’d have your back on a daily and yes! true to our word, WE’RE BAAAAAACK!



Now you know that the leader of the so-called ‘Free world’ is probably one the coolest statesmen ever! But we think he should stick to just that! Barack Obama’s eldest daughter Maliah happens to share her birthday with the country and her daddy, flanked by Kendrick Lemar and Janelle Monae, decided to sing her happy birthday…. A rather croaky one we might add! Thanks daddy but we need you stick to president and leave the singing to the singers!




Paralympian Oscar Pistorious who killed his supermodel girlfriend Reeva SteenKamp on the Valentine’s day morning of 2014, has finally been sentenced… We can however officially say that the majority of the Twitter Jury is NOT impressed! Judge Masipa has resentenced Oscar to only 6 YEARS!!! Only a year more than his previous culpable homicide sentence! Many have attributed his sentence to financial and racial privilege. Many celebrities including British Talk show host Piers Morgan have gone to social media to vent their anger.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njCJL3TEN4Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Q-wY9aYZAI



Next we head on over to Obama’s fatherland Kenya and witness a rare scene! The Notorious Huddah Monroe who is most popular for her stint on the reality TV show Big Brother Africa and now more often for her lavish lifestyle that is ‘sponsored’ by a couple of ‘good samaritans’ who she referred to as blessers! Well she was seen having lunch with gospel artist Bahati and most of you are asking yourselves what these two have in common right!? Huddah has just landed an endorsement deal with Technology company Huawei and to celebrate she took out Bahati! Was it his prayers maybe? Well let’s hope only good comes out of this friendship.





Just when we thought we had closed this chapter, Nollywood’s drama queen Toyin Aimakhu’s marriage is back on our plates again! This time there are news of an attempted poisoning and a secret baby mama in actress Seyi Edun! Niyi Johnson who’s Toyin’s ex-husband has now been accused of trying to poison her, which he has come out to deny. Of the poisoning he had this to say:


“The reports of poisoning is rather shocking and very untrue, but for those making this allegation, I would like you to come forth with your medical report or police report that ever mentioned she was poisoned while we were together.”


Pack it away already! We beg!







Today is International Kissing Day and we hope that you have been getting your day’s worth of Kisses! We bring you 5 benefits of Kissing:


  1. Kissing prevents a disease called Cytomegalovirus, which can cause infant blindness when pregnant.
  2. Kissing burns calories, in fact 2-6 calories if done for a minute!
  3. Keeps facial muscles tight and strong!
  4. It naturally relaxes you by increasing levels of Oxytocin!

It helps you choose your best mate, you DO NOT vacuum machine of a kisser! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwoAHeps_lg