#THE SOCIAL 9TH OF August 2016

It’s to get the hottest gist in the land, stick with us and you will never suffer the Fear Of Missing Out! Oya! Let’s socialize…


It’s National Women’s day in the South, celebrating all the brave mothers, sisters, daughters and young women that took part in the women’s march of 1956! Google has even gone as far as putting up a doodle for their search engine logo today and statues of the leaders of the march were also unveiled. Helen Joseph, Lilian Ngoyi, Sophi De Bruyn and Rahima Moosa now stand immortalized at the Women’s Living heritage Monument for all future generations to see! HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY TO ALL THE GODDESSES THAT GIVE & NURTURE LIFE ALL OVER AFRICA! YOU ARE APPRECIATED!


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So we’re left wondering if we should also be wishing Flavour a pleasant day today! You can assume it but we didn’t say it…(laughter) anyway his fans are not in the least bit happy with his latest fashion faux pas, he is currently in the U.S on tour and was spotted wearing a rather interesting outfit! A tight fitting suit, with no shirt revealing his man cleavage. Social media went off the rails, you people also get courage sha! @AOY commented “Flavour, this one no follow o…. this is height of murderous fashion. Your fashion sense just committed suicide… you no try at all!”

Guys you’re going to crucify Flavour over this but are okay with this

grinding topless i.e ashawo remix or your choice) 


We’re not so sure if table tennis is our ‘forte’ as Africans, but in some pleasant news Aruna Quadri of Nigeria has made history and the world stand as he becomes the very first African to qualify for table tennis quarter finals at the Olympics!!! The feat was recorded when last night Quadri beat the 13th ranked player in the world, Boll Timo of Germany 4 – 2. We hope that won’t be all however as we’re rooting for Aruna to come home with the gold! Despite the Nigerian sport ministry’s blunders, it seems these athlete know exactly what they came to RIO for!!




This has got to be one of the funniest stories so far this week! (laughter) so we hear Bow Wow is retiring from rap…. (laughter) didn’t that happen like 10 years ago!!! N**GGAH(bleep) when last were you relevant!? (Well just for your sake we’ll call you “former rapper”) The former rapper said that he couldn’t see himself as a rapper at the age of 30 so he’s calling it quits at the “ripe” age of 29… well somebody should tell Jay Z something then… Tweeps didn’t seem to care at all however, ripping the very little left of his music career into shreds! @Mahogany_mama tweeted “I hope Bow Wow retires from everything else too.” @universalindie tweeted “You mean Bow Wow was STILL making relevant music? Wow, I thought he quit ages ago.”

https://twitter.com/universalindie/status/762688705148620800 (TWEET)

https://twitter.com/Mahogany_Mama/status/762676786413051905 (TWEET)