We’re invading your early evening once again and you know you’ve been waiting for us! Mama’s home and ready to spill!!!!


We know we brought you the news of South African rapper AKA being on Sway in the morning. The interview was nothing short of fire! The topics ranged from the entertainment industry, South African history and his love life. For more on the story tune into Twitter Sphere tonight! For now let’s give you a taste of what went down!



Well Brymo is one that generally keeps from the limelight but he’s trending for the second time this year and this time it’s over a Tweet he posted in response to the killings of 2 black men in the United States by policemen. The tweet read “Black man suffers at home, black man suffers abroad. Black man suffers everywhere, black man likes to suffer”. This hasn’t been received too well by many despite whatever intentions Brymo had, one user @Jeloxanbregaz_ said, “You really have been tweeting recklessly these days. Don’t tear your almost done career with yo miserable bare hands” to which, Brymo simply replied “My career ended in 2013, arindin!” What does this mean??



We expected that it would be going down in the Wilson’s chambers last night, but we weren’t expecting this kind of glow and the child-like giggles that they had after their first night! They have gone on to share a video expressing their excitement over their newfound sexuality!


Ok TMI guys, but does this not make you believe even more that these were two staaaaaarving people???


This is a man that is either spoilt for choice or one that loves to keep the world guessing! We honestly can’t keep up with the women in Wizkid’s life, this year brought us Ms Binta Diamond who gave birth to the singer’s second son, all this while he was known to be dating Tania Omotayo who has been in his life for the longest while. When we thought it was all over with Tania, along came her birthday and all of a sudden he was her day one and her best friend again!!! This time he has been seen looking rather cozy with his manager Jada after he posted some rather interesting photos with equally interesting captions! While we were looking at Jada, he posted a picture of American singer, Justine Skye captioning it “close to my heart”. In June Justine posted “he became the sun and I became the moon” and Wizkid on the same day tweeted “I’m attracted to your soul”.Hai! Wizzy is definitely the Babanla, all these beautiful women!