The reason why Diddy smacked Drake

 What The Diddy/Drake Beef Is All About!

Just days after rumours of Drake sleeping with Chris Brown’s girlfriend surfaced online, there’s been more drama surround Drake to hit the internet. Word on the street was that Drake received a thundering clap from music mogul, P. Diddy! According to unconfirmed reports, Diddy fought with Drake at Club LIV in Miami this past weekend.

Initially there was no word on what sparked the fight but there now seems to be a little more clarity around the beef. Apparently the beef is over a Boi-1da beat! TMZ reports that Boi-1da sent both Diddy and Drake the same unidentified instrumental but Diddy sat on the beat for months. Drake then got tired of waiting and decided to go ahead and record as well as release the track which allegedly rubbed Diddy the wrong way.

If the above is true then it means the beef is either over “0 to 100”, “6 God” or “How Bout Now”.

Lets wait and see what unfolds. Do you think the story is true?