Seyi Sodimu, Afro-Soul Singer-Songwriter Biography

Seyi Sodimu, Afro-Soul Singer-Songwriter

Seyi Sodimu (also known as Mr. Jeje) is a widely known African singer-songwriter from Nigeria. He is best known for his hit single Love me Jeje, Love me Tender. He is largely accredited with starting the trend of fusing native languages (Yoruba in particular) into music with predominantly English lyrics. He is also considered one of the pioneers of the new sound of the ever-growing Nigerian Music Industry. Seyi is an international artiste who has performed at the prestigious Press Club in Washington DC, performed alongside Wyclef Jean, worked with Genuwine, and collaborated with reggae star Wayne Wonder and more recently American R&B star K Michelle.

Seyi was born on Lagos Island on June 30th to a large family that hails from Abeokuta, Ogun State. He grew up in Lagos where he attended The Fountain School Surulere for his elementary education and he completed his secondary school education at Igbobi College Yaba. He was an avid music lover from a tender age. He was influenced by various types of musical styles and artistes such as Ebenezer Obey, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, King Sunny Ade, Bob Marley and a host of others. Growing up, Seyi and his brothers loved to dance and sing. They soon became well known in their neighborhood and at their various schools. From this young age you could see that Seyi was destined to be a star.

Seyi travelled to the United States in the late 1980’s to continue his education. There he attended Prince Georges College in Maryland where he graduated with a degree in Computer Information Systems. While in college Seyi started writing poems and stories for the school magazine, and was commended by his professors and peers. He then decided to start writing songs. He later took voice and piano lessons, to perfect his craft. While in college Seyi met an American friend and part time DJ, Carl Bassey who decided to record some of Seyi’s songs.

After saving up enough money, Seyi worked very hard on his musical project. During this period a musical relationship was formed. Carl’s American musical background and Seyi’s African musical influence made a perfect collaboration. Following endless hard work in the studio, Seyi released his first album entitled “Born in Afrika” in 1998, which held the hit song that skyrocketed his career “Love me jeje, love me tender”. This album enabled him to forge a lasting presence in the African Music Industry. The “Born in Afrika” album was released under Shakara Entertainment. This album was an instant hit and topped the charts in Nigeria on Ray Power 100 fm and sold over 30,000 copies in the first couple weeks of its release. Seyi Sodimu quickly became a household name. The album also earned him several nominations and awards in Nigeria.

In 2003, Seyi released a sophomore album titled “State of Mind” this time under Goodlife Entertainment. This album contained yet another hit entitled “Money Man” and a tribute to Fela entitled “Fela the King”. This album acquired rave reviews in Nigeria, the UK and the United States. “Money man” topped the charts in Nigeria and was on heavy rotation by several reputable radio stations including Choice FM radio in London. With the release of the Money Man music video, Seyi proved to the world that he is a musical force to be reckoned with. Not only did he independently produce two albums, he also wrote and co-produced every one of his songs.

In 2007, Seyi released a song with reggae superstar Wayne Wonder called “Sophisticated Lady” which held a unique fusion of reggae and African music that proved to be a great success. A year later, Seyi released a song and video for “Set Me Free” directed by Ayoola Daramola. In 2012, Seyi released another single called GBEDU. In 2014, Seyi released “Pele Pele” which is a remake of  Ebenezer Obey’s {ore mi se pele pele}. Seyi has also diversified into other business ventures including real estate, fashion, automotives, and many other businesses. “Pele Pele” was produced by Lagos Hitmaker Shizzi. The video was directed and shot by Sesan Ogunro of film factory in a serene location in London

Seyi Sodimu’s style of music has become widely accepted all over the world. His style of music takes traditional African rhythms of Juju, Highlife and Afro-beat and fuses them together with the modern sound of Jazz, R&B and Hip-hop. He calls this unique blend AFRO SOUL.

His style of music celebrates life, love, truth and the spirituality of a higher being. His music acknowledges the struggle of oppressed people, yet never animated in hate or revenge. His music is positive and inspiring. Even though Seyi has amassed a huge following in Nigeria, London and the United States where he has done numerous live performances. His music has been embraced by both young and old and even cuts across economic boundaries.