Samsung phone explodes on a sleeping phone user

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

An Australia man was left shocked and with burns when his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded in a hotel room Western Australia while he slept.

Mr Tham Hua said, his phone exploded and burst into flames without warning. The phone was plugged in and charging at the time of the incident. Hua reported that it charred the hotel room bed sheet and the carpet when he whacked it down to the floor.

The accident caused an estimated 1,300 Australia dollars worth of damage to the hotel room, which thankfully Samsung has offered to cover. Samsung staffs have no idea what could have caused such to happen and it’s the first time they have seen it. This comes after Samsung issued a global recall for its flagship of Smartphone Galaxy Note 7 units.   Samsung Electronics Australia has advised all customers who use a Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone to power down their device and return it to its place of purchase.