Rappers to look out for this year


Rappers you should start looking out for!

The rap game is both difficult and easy to break into. If you build up a solid underground following, like all successful, real rappers do – unlike commercial rappers like Pitbull – then you are just waiting on your mixtape to pique the interest, this either happens or it doesn’t. In 2013 it was Chance the Rapper who became the real breakout star, his mixtape Acid Rain was a melodic rape masterpiece which well and truly sent him into the mainstream.

So who else should you expect to breaking through soon?

Vic Mensa

Mensa, like Chance the Rapper, is a Chicago native and a damn good wordsmith. As a teenager Mensa was carving out a name for himself on the Chicago underground scene before joining Kids These Days, who got a record deal and performed at the 2011 Lollapalooza before eventually disbanding.

The 20-year-old is big friends with Chance, who seems to get all the luck both in the rap game and according to his lyrics, the casino – follow the link for online casino news and to find the latest gambling figures for Africa – yet, as he states in Acid Rap, Chance is jealous of Mensa’s ability.

With a spot on Chance’s mixtape interest in Mensa should reinvigorate and in the next 12 months you can expect him to be a staple of the rap game.

Jhene Aiko

The 25-year-old is actually signed to Def Jam and has actually been in the music industry since the age of five. Her soft, seductive voice has featured on Drake’s “From Time” and Big Sean’s “Beware” as well as performing on Childish Gambino’s latest album, which debuted at number 8 in the United States.

People already know her voice from her work with these big name artists and when Def Jam decide to release her album, titled Souled Out, expect sales to be very strong.

Rich Homie Quan

A native of Atlanta, a hotbed for American rap talent with stars: 2 Chainz, Akon, Outkast, TLC, Lil Jon, Ludacris and B.O.B to name just a few, Rich Homie Quan was responsible for one of the hottest tracks of 2013. His track Type of Way ended 2013 as the 37th best selling rap track of the year and the 43rd best selling R&B/Hip-Hop song of the year.

To call him a one hit wonder would be extremely foolhardy. Quan mixes melody and tranquillity with frenzy and his holler is like an electroshock when it hits. A fluid rapper and someone who prides himself on not using Autotune when singing, Quan is making waves and should have a very big future in the industry.


The worldwide rap game is at its most productive right now and the benefactors are us, the audience.


These are just three rappers. There are numerous underground artists all churning out fantastic products. Whether they hail from the Cape Flats, Banlieue in Paris, the streets of London or the crime-stricken inner-cities of America they are all making exciting sounds.