Parents of abducted Chibok girls distraught after watching Boko Haram video

Masked man in Boko Haram video with the abducted Chibok girls

Masked man in Boko Haram video with the abducted Chibok girls

Boko Haram yesterday released a video of the missing Chibok girls that were abducted two years ago. Parents of the missing girls were distraught after they watched a video of the captured girls posted by the Islamist militants.

Many of the parents could not watch the video right after it had been posted, due to poor internet connection in the northeastern town of Chibok. As a result, some of the parents had to travel to a neighboring town in order to watch the video, hopeful that they would be able to recognize their daughters.

Missing Chibok Girls

A still image from a video posted by Nigerian Islamist militant group Boko Haram on social media.

“I couldn’t identify my daughter among the girls,” Yana Galang, the women’s leader of the Association of Parents of the Abducted Girls from Chibok, said after watching the video.

“It wounded my heart,” Galang told the Thomson Reuters Foundation, describing how agonizing it was for her to watch the video.

The video, which shows a masked man standing behind a group of girls, was posted on social media last Sunday. In the video, the masked man states that a number of the girls had been murdered in air strikes. A girl wearing a veil could be seen holding a baby, while other bodies were seen on the ground.

“Some of the girls, about 40 of them with God’s permission have been married, some of them have died as a result of bombing by the infidels,” said the masked man in the video.

Boko Haram Militant Group

Boko Haram Militant Group

219 girls were abducted by Boko Haram from a Christian school in Chibok, in April, 2014. This was part of a seven-year-old revolt to format an Islamic state in the north that has taken the lives of approximately 15,000 people, and displaced more than two million people. It is believed that the girls have forcibly been converted to Islam; while some have been sold as concubines.

Amina Ali, one of the Chibok girls rescued from Boko Haram in May, told her mother that they were starved and only had the option of eating raw beans and maize. She continued on by saying, some of the girls had died in captivity while some suffered broken legs and some had gone deaf from being too close to explosions.

The video proves that a number of the girls are still alive and are yet to be rescued.