Nigerians mourn monarch Oba Sijuwade, the Ooni of Ife

We all know that his highness the Ooni of Ife is no more, the monarch took his last breath in London and was brought home to be laid to rest by his Kingdom. His final burial rites were done on Friday, however not without a few hitches and glitches. Just last week there were reports that the burial rites had been stalled by fleeing “Abobaku”. For those who are not familiar with the term, an “Abobaku” in Yoruba tradition is allegedly someone who is chosen to buried with the king, as according to customs an Oba is never buried alone. It isn’t something unique in African culture as Legend has it that King Shaka of the Zulu’s buried his mother Queen Nandi with 10 virgins. We are not sure whether this ritual is still practiced however there were allegations that the “Abobaku” chosen had Fled. His wives and children were also not allowed to be part of the burial rites and no member of the royal family was allowed to see the remains since their arrival at the palace as per custom. There were however a lot of dignitaries in attendance like Vice-President Yemi osinbanjo, Senator Babajide Omoworare, Ondo state govenor Olusegun Mimiko and others. More drama occured when a Christian Interdominational service was held outside the palace gates angering the Isoro (worshipers of the Oro) who were meant to be in charge of the burial rites. The Churches sang outside while the traditional burial rites went on inside the palace, another ancient ritual that was believed to take place was the feeding of the departed king’s heart to the the incoming king BUT that was Dismissed by the palace as being an ancient rite and that it is now subsituted by an animal heart instead!!   Whew! Our Continent is sure an interesting place! “RUN ABOBAKU!! RUN!”. To the Great one of Ife we would just like to say Rest In Peace and may your successor have a long and steady reign!Ooni-of-ife