The weekend has ended but not without it’s own scandals!!! We lose yet another artist, Nigerian up and coming 5 star Star Music Artist Skiibii has committed SUICIDE….Career Suicide it seems!!! The “Stay with me” singer was reported to have collapsed and died on Friday, the news came via social networks accompanied by photos of a collapsed Skiibii sending Shockwaves throughout Nigeria. This tragic news arrived 24hrs after Skiibii had been doing the rounds at radio stations promoting his latest offering, tons of messages from other artists and fans flooded sending their condolences to his family and friends. The 22 year-old who is label mates with Harry Songz and Kcee, was said to have died at the label house in Omole phase 2! The label’s general manager Soso Soberekan then posted this photo of a candle with no caption…


Skiibii did not even take 3 DAYS! But resurrected in the next couple of hours through social network pages once again, with pictures on his hospital bed receiving treatment! How you ask?? Well a little Birdie has told us that there’s a giant dead rat in this whole story! (And no we are not referring to Skiibii).   If you are interested in Skiibii and his journey, you would have noticed that HE posted a photo on instagram wearing the exact same outfit including accessories and in the same location 2 weeks ago as in the photo of him collapsed on Friday…..mmmmmmhh…this story na wash sha! There are rumours that all of this was an attempt to generate publicity for Skiibii’s new single, as the Americans say “any publicity is Good publicity”. The backlash he has received seems to have the potential to ground the career that he is trying to Launch! With Power houses such as Davido and other artists such as Tekno voicing their opinions and calling out the muso on his death hoax. A certain blogger has gone as far as holding a burial ceremony in his mind for Skiibbii, and I quote “mourning someone is a huge emotional act. It alters your mind, numbs your soul and nearly crushes your spirit. For Skiibii and his accomplices in 5 Star Music to pull off such a silly stunt shows that they are wicked and borderline evil.” He also goes on to say “To me Skiibii is really dead. In my mind he died after 24 hours of doing promo rounds, and there is nothing that can bring him back in my mind” CHAI! These ones na strong words ooo!

Skiibii on the other hand denies being involved in this plot and says that he cannot believe that Soso and Kcee would drag him into all of this. All we can say to you is cheer up! If Music doesn’t work out…NOLLYWOOD awaits!