Oh another high profile marriage bites the dust! Does this come as a surprise to you good people? Well as you know, Emeka Ike and his wife Suzanne Ike called it quits back in July after over a decade of marriage! Suzanne cited emotional and physical abuse from her famous husband being the reason behind the divorce   Emeka was quick to fan the rumours as you would remember, saying that he’s Christian and does not Divorce! Well now the Plot thickens, Pastor Chris Okotie of “The Household of God” church has been dragged into the soup as Emeka is claiming that Pastor Okotie has been keeping his wife from and is the master orchestrator of the Divorce!!! He also has compared the pastor to the anti-Christ!            He said this of his divorce proceedings recently to a local network “For instance, at the last proceeding on the divorce suit, my wife said it in the open court that she was willing to abandon her four children and go out of the marriage. Which woman will say she was abandoning her four children if not under a spell? It is clear to me that Okotie is not a pastor but an anti-christ.”

Emeka claims that Pastor Okotie hired a Senior Advocate of Nigeria to help his wife divorce him, paid N500,000 for her mother’s burial and bought her luxury mobile phone!

What has the Pastor had to say of all this? Well he allegedly replied through his media advisor who said “There is nothing to what he is saying. It is total rubbish. What is he saying? Why would a pastor be interested in his domestic issue? Will he say he wants to marry the woman? What kind of man will lay such claims on the Internet? Why is it that

anytime any of them have issues, they always want to drag Okotie in?

Responding to the outburst will only make this guy feel important. Well, this pastor can’t dignify him with any.”

Chai!!! R Kelly did say… when a woman’s fed up, there ain’t nothing you can do about it! So Emeka Park well o!