Master P’s Custody Battle Is Getting Uglier

Drama for Master P does not end; he has been in and out of divorce court for more than two years now. He has been on loggerheads with his estranged wife, Sonya Miller, for some time and there is no ending in site.

Master P and Ex Wife Sonya Miller

Most recently, Miller called out the rapper for being a bad parent and she hopes to obtain full custody of their children as a result.But in a turn of events, the couple’s children reported to have written a letter to their judge asking if they could live with their father instead of their mother. Which in response Sonya claims the rapper is using their children to help sway the judge’s decision.


Furthermore Miller also claims that the rapper has earned much more money than he is claiming. Master P has filed that he only makes $2,441 per month. How likely is that though! Miller doesn’t buy that bull; she claims that he has had a net worth of $350 million over the last five years.

She takes it up another notch, suing their son, Lil Romeo, because she is of the opinion that her ex husband used their son’s name in order to hide assets from her. We wonder how that will workout for her. Romeo was named as the co-owner and co-founder of the label No Limit Forever, alongside his father. As a result of this, Miller has not been able to touch any money that has come in from the label since 2010.


Lil Romeo

This whole story is just a mess; we hope they solve it amicably. The love of money is a shortcut to hell