Kim Kardashian West to reduce social media flaunting


Kim Kardashian has discovered God at a discount after the Paris robbery; wealth will no longer be the driver for her life.  How far she is willing to do this for; we wait and see



Sources close to her say, she actually agrees with critics who say she put a target on her back by flaunting her wealth and jewelry on social media. A number of people have been critical of Kim for posing with her $4.5 million diamond ring in the apartment shortly before the hit.

Kim is reportedly taking a month off work and when she returns she’s pulling back big time on social media. She won’t be flaunting her personal wealth and she’ll even be less pretentious with the promotion of her fashion line.


Kim has been rocked to her core after being tied up with a gun to her head. She’s saying privately … “Material things mean nothing. It’s not all about the money,” adding, “It’s not worth it.”


Kim Kardashian’s Bracelets

While flaunting expensive things on social media is not advisable, there is not excuse for anyone to put a gun on anyone.  She has worked for what she has so, food for thought.