Karrine Steffans reported that she had a miscarriage

Well Lil’ Wayne’s ex girlfriend, former Video vixen and Vixen series author Karrine Steffans reported that she had a miscarriage a couple weeks ago. The 37 year- old however had never mention who’s baby she was carrying until this weekend! Oh….it’s one of our very own! Well the baby daddy is none other than Nigerian-American Actor and Musician Rotimi Akinosho!!! Miss Steffans took to social media in Frustration this weekend to put her ex on Blast where she put up a picture of her alleged baby daddy and said “I’ve never in my life seen a man not ache over the loss of his own child until @rotimimusic. I’ve never seen a man go on vacation while the mother of his dead child hurts so badly….or sing knowing he had a hand in stifling the breath of his own. The truth is a secret but the imagery is a lie and demons dance in perfect light. But wait…there’s more.”   Wait!!! Wollup wollup! Did she just accuse him of having a hand in the miscarriage!!!?

Fan’s ya’ll have no chill though!! This was a comment from anonymous;

“Lol…this babe never see anything! The Rotimi guy be like “wow, thank goodness I dodged that bullet! If I hear say the guy want all that baby mama drama from all these American ladies that use their baby’s as cash machine! Lol omo no time o, maga go on vacation to celebrate and spend all d money she would have cashed away from him because of baby! In his mind he be like”omo babe no be me tell you to dey go do book tour when you know you’re pregnant besides we are not together again so why you wanting comforting from me?”