Kanye bans Kim from KUWTK


No more Kardashian reality shows for Kim!

It’s been no secret that Kanye has been on a mission to clean up his new wife’s image and get her to shy away from airing her private life to the media. According to reports Kanye has banned Kim from appearing on the new Kardashian reality show ‘Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons”.

As we expected Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner, isn’t pleased about this at all and the executives at E! and Ryan Seacrest are also pushing to get the reality star back on the show as there are fears that Khloe and Kourtney alone don’t have what it takes to keep ratings high on their own.

Only time will tell whether Kim will listen to her mother or her new husband. Who do you think she should listen to?