Juliet Ibrahim is over dating African men!

Juliet Ibrahim is over dating African men!

The actress who was previously linked to IK Ogbonna (now married to a Columbian flame!) has also been married before to Kwadwo Safo a Ghanaian philanthropist and businessman, in a recent interview spoke about the challenges of dating an African man because of the line of work she’s in.

The mixed race Ghanaian actress spoke on the judgment she faces from African men who pretty much label her a whore because she is an actress…. (as we side eye)

“Friends of these men even jump into the equation—hastily labeling all actresses as wh*res based on what they’ve read online. And some of the men I have met actually get cold feet because of such unfounded speculations.

She added,

For me it’s not about the colour of a man’s skin but his mind. The reason why I think a white man will work for me is because their mentality fits my lifestyle and my career. But if I meet a black man who sits well with my wants and expectations, I will jump for it”


Which brings me to the question, how many Nollywood actresses are married? 1, 2, 3 viewer feel free to borrow us your fingers and toes! Juliet we worry about the pond that you have been fishing in…