Miss Juliet Ibrahim Has Got A New Man Ya’ll! And it seems that she’s ditched all that mess she was talking about “No more black men” for her, cause her man is black than black is! Ladies and gentlemen please welcome our new super couple! Juliet Ibrahim and the sizzling hot stud Emmanuel Ikubese! BOOM!!! The two recently made their relationship public when he took to social media to wish her a happy birthday and his message was the stuff that Luther Vandross songs were made of! Here is just a snippet of what he said:


“ I can’t stop smiling at the thought of how lucky I am to just be in a position to say “I love you” to you. Long emotional messages are not my thing, as you will realize by the end of this looong terrible idea(an Emmanuel love letter lol), but you give me the kind of feeling that people write novels about”



Lawwwd J! Where is my soul mate??? Because I am slowly starting to think he got trapped on his way here… if you get what I mean! Congratulations Julz!