I am Jazz

While media is said to be the main influence behind our thought patterns, lifestyle and desires, we cannot disregard the fact that the media is also controlled by what the people demand. In our story of the day, a group of Nigerian parents are calling for the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission to bar a show called “I am Jazz” that is set to air from the 27th of October 2015 on TLC which is available on DSTV from being shown in Nigeria! The show according to these parents goes against the ideas and sentiments of Nigerian society as it has a transgender theme. According to the show’s synopsis, Jazz is a little boy who has been living as a girl since Kindergarten and now he/she is about to face the challenge of high school.

A group of concerned Nigerian parents have sent this message out via BBM saying;

“DSTV has been airing an advert for “I am Jazz” on their TLC Channel 172 which is set to start showing on DSTV in Nigeria Oct 27.

The problem is that it is a reality TV series about Jazz, a transgender kid; an 11 year old boy who has “transitioned” into a girl.

You will agree with me that this program is not appropriate viewing for any youth in Nigeria; talk less of our young children.

Please let’s stand up to protect our children and the moral fibre of this country.

Join in this protest by sending an email to the National Broadcasting Commission at info@nbc.gov.ng and complain on their websitehttp://nbc.gov.ng

Also send this message to all your contacts. Please let’s do our own part to protect our children.”

The NBC has replied through a press release saying this amongst other things

“The Commission has since drawn the attention of the service provider to this concern and has received firm assurances that they will investigate, and if they confirm that the programme is indeed promoting undesirable ideas that would offend the Nigerian public, they would pull the plug on the programme.”

Do you think that these parents are right to speak for the public in General or do you believe that everyone has the right of choice, to choose to watch or simply flip the channel? We want your opinion.