Genge Meets Afro beats: Yemi and Jua Cali

Nigerian superstar Yemi Alade is Africa’s Best Female Act (2015 MTV MAMAs). However, while at Coke Studio Africa’s Behind the Music booth she admitted that she had never thought she would become an internationally recognized artiste, icon and trendsetter.

Born and raised in Nigeria by a strict policeman father, Yemi studied Geography in College with not the faintest idea of the path her life would take. The Johnny and Kissing hit maker was speaking during her second visit to Kenya as she returned on Season III of Coke Studio Africa to record mash ups with Kenyan rapper Jua Cali, aka Genge’s finest.

Of all, this is my favorite mash up so far. Before watching the recording of their live performance I could not figure out how Yemi’s style could be collaborated with Jua Cali’s, especially due to the fact that the two artistes sing in different languages.

While at the BTM, asked whether he is ready to change and start singing in English to reach a larger audience, Jua Cali said he doesn’t have to change anything about his music. According to him, if you are being true and producing good music, nothing can stop you from defying geographical confines. He gave examples of how music from South Africa and West Africa had appealed to a global audience despite the fact that many don’t understand the local dialects.

Jua Cali said that talks were underway between him and producer Masterkraft from Nigeria, a big fan of Jua Cali’s single Karibu Nairobi to come up with something new. Over the sixteen years of his career, Jua Cali has conquered East Africa with his catchy Swahili rhymes and use of the Kenyan Sheng’ slang. Coke Studio Africa is a big opportunity for him to share his unique sound with audiences across Africa. I loved the harmony in his mash ups with Yemi – a blatant sign that music is dynamic and a blend of various styles can make a swanky cocktail.

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