Future Drags Ciara In The Mud In New Song ‘How It Feel’


It seems Future is still caught up over Ciara as he released a new song which, although no names have been mentioned, it’s quite blatant it’s directed towards her.

Ciara is currently suing Future for slander and defamation; the fine is a hefty $15 million but from the look of things. This was a result of Future’s criticism over Ciara’s parenting abilities, both over social media as well as interviews.

“This b***h got control problems

Future couldn’t be phased in the slightest about this though; otherwise he wouldn’t have once again dissed her in a song.

“I made you, b****. B****you weren’t nothing before me. I gave you fame on the ‘gram. I put you back on them charts… We gave you b****** some hits.”

Yawn…this is getting old Future.

Listen to the song here: