Diddy once again claims first place on Forbes’ Hip-Hop Cash Kings List

Sean 'Diddy' Combs

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

Diddy has made it to the top of Forbes’ number one Hip-Hop Cash King once again; this is the second year in a row.

It seems like Diddy is unshaken at the top while Jay Z claims second place and the likes of Dr. Dre and Drake follow behind.

Diddy has accumulated $62 million this year alone. That’s $2 million more than he took home last year. Although Jay Z hasn’t released an album this year, he has got a wallet large enough to store $53.5 million. The two have earned their keep mostly from business outside the music industry. They have invested in businesses such as streaming services, liquor, etc.

Now in third place, Dr. Dre pushes through with $41 million. This is all thanks to the N.W.A biopic in Straight Outta Compton and his $3 billion Beats deal.

Unfortunately Drake is no longer in the league of the top 3 this year as he comes in at number 4 with $38.5 million. He has Nike, Apple, and Sprite to thank for this.

Wiz Khalifa is sitting right in the middle of the list at number 5 with his $24 million in his pocket from this year.


Amongst the top ten is a lady that calls herself the black Barbie, Nicki Minaj. She is the only woman in the top 10 with a whopping $20.5 million at 6th place.


1. Diddy – $62 million
2. Jay Z – $53.5 million
3. Dr. Dre – $41 million
4. Drake – $38.5 million
5. Wiz Khalifa – $24 million
6. Nicki Minaj – $20.5 million
7. Pitbull – $20 million
8. Pharrell Williams – $19.5 million
9. Kendrick Lamar – $18.5 million
10. Birdman – $18 million