D’Banj Went From A Hundred To Zero Thanks To Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music

D'Banj with Don Jazzy

D’Banj with Don Jazzy

If anything, as an African artist you expect to rise to fame when you finally get a chance to be signed to the top dogs’ record label…or do you?

Funny enough, that hasn’t been the case for D’Banj. Look at it this way, when was the last time that he had a hit song anyway? All we remember is ‘Oliver Twist’, after that *crickets*.

It all went downhill for D’Banj when he met Kanye West at an airport in Dubai in 2011. He and Don Jazzy sold their music to him and Kanye signed the check.

D'Banj with Kanye West

D’Banj with Kanye West

This is how Don Jazzy recalls it:

“D’Banj travelled to Dubai, at Dubai airport he met Kanye West just like anybody can meet any superstar at the airport.” 

“He had the courage to go and meet him and introduce himself and that he wants to break into America and that he has done a song with Snoop Dogg and please listen to the song and tell me if it is good. And he understood and he listened to it and he liked it. And he asked us to drop by New York when we were going to LA for the video shoot with Snoop. So when we got to New York, we called them and his manager said we should meet up at Wyclef’s studio and the rest is history.”


So basically, the Mo’Hits partners were torn between signing with G.O.O.D Music or staying loyal to their record label. D’Banj was for and Don Jazzy was against the whole idea. D’Banj, however, saw the dream where as his partner would seem to have been pessimistic; or realistic about it.

The following is as revealed by D’banj on the chat show, ‘The Truth:

“Maybe Dr Sid? We came back from New York, and we had a meeting with Jazzy. Me and Jazzy. And Jazzy really expressed his discomfort that ‘listen, this place is too expensive. We are spending money, we are going to stay there, things dey happen for Nigeria, we are already bosses here, we don’t need all these…make we just stay here…

“And I’m like ‘we are almost there, like it’s expensive but I know it’s not really guaranteed, because it’s a dog eat dog world out there. And in his own words, ‘you can’t leave certainty for uncertainty,’ which makes sense.

“But I said to him that listen brother this is not uncertainty. For Kanye West to see us is not a joke. He saw us in Dubai, naGod. Is it not the same Nigeria that we are doing music that took us there?

“And I asked him that, and he said he didn’t want to go, he didn’t want us to do it again, he said he wasn’t interested. So Jazzy literally said that he wasn’t interested, and I told him,because I had sensed it…before the last concert I had told the lawyers that I felt that it wasn’t…that’s why we had legal papers.

“So they were trying to get him to come around, but I understood totally, which is what I said to you. So when he came back home, he had a meeting and that was in July, and he said he doesn’t want us to do Mo’Hits again. That he doesn’t want us to do Mo’Hits again. And I said to him, ‘Please give me 6 months’.

“So I told him to give me 6 months, that he should please just…for me I was even trying to sell my shares, to convince him again, to sell my shares to someone else, take the money, go abroad and try. To do anything I could, because I had seen that it wasn’t working, and him and Sid had formed this synergy. It was very clear the way…I could see it. He wasn’t very comfortable around me, I didn’t understand what was happening, and me I didn’t…everybody knows that I don’t have time. I was always on the move.

“I wasn’t always on ground to see, and I think that was my mistake – I wasn’t sensitive enough to have noticed. And prior to that, if I felt anything, just as you would do as a boss, you should do whatever needed to be done. So I told him to give me 6 months. I remember December, Iwe had a meeting, and everybody was there, and Don Jazzy also said the same thing, which was after 6 months. That was December 2011, and he said, that he had thought about it, and he wasn’t interested. In fact, not just me, that this one wasn’t interested (pointing to others).

“I was heartbroken, I think Kayswitch was with them, it was one voice, and I felt like…what’s happening here? And that’s where I started hearing few things that people just felt that they were not comfortable with me.”

That was the end of Mo’Hits Records. Since then, D’Banji hasn’t released any memorable singles under G.O.O.D Music.


Hopefully the album he plans on releasing before the end of the year proves us wrong and shows us more of the star’s juice. He must still have it somewhere in there.