Could Usain Bolt be engaged to his girlfriend after the cheating scandal?

Despite all the evidence proving that Usain Bolt cheated on his long-term girlfriend, Bolt took it to his Snapchat to rub his new engagement in our faces.

As reported by Daily Mail, the athlete posted pictures of himself and Kasi Bennett on holiday in Bora Bora.

It seems that Bennett was not fazed by all of Bolt’s shenanigans during the Rio Olympics and she still welcomed him home just like any loving girlfriend would do.


According to Daily Mail, Bolt posted a picture on his Snapchat with the caption ‘She said yes’, though we are not quite sure what she ‘said yes’ to exactly. It could be that she said yes to taking him back. We don’t know.

Well, if they are indeed engaged, we could only hope for the best for their marriage. Hopefully Bolt stops playing games with other women and sprints to his girl every time he feels temped.


More pictures below:

The sprinter showing off his abs

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