Celebrities whose plastic surgery has almost deformed them

Plastic surgery can be an amazing thing for those with self-esteem issues; we however take a look at 4 celebrities whose plastic surgery has almost deformed them!!

We start with Lil’ Kim: The former queen of rap Lil’ Kim is so knifed up, that she is almost unrecognizable!!!!! The rapper has changed over the years and without saying a word or trying to explain herself to any of her fans! The queen bee looks like she has had a face-lift, bleached, lip fillers and cheek implants as well! Some fans have gone as far as saying that she looks l

Pete Burn; Burns is known for his often androgynous appearance, which he freely admits has been greatly modified by cosmetic surgery! Burns has had extensive injections into his lips, cheek implants, several rhinoplasties and many tattoos. In early 2006, Burns revealed in an interview that he had spent most of his life savings on eighteen months of reconstructive surgery after a cosmetic procedure on his lips went horribly wrong.


The late Joan Rivers: We know that mama Joan didn’t even have inkling of movement on her face!!! She passed away in her 80s still looking like a porcelain doll! According to Melisa Rivers, Joan’s daughter, Joan had 348 plastic surgeries and was never happy with the way she looked. This fed into her sense of being ‘less than’ she apparently loved fat jokes because she was a fat child.

Jocelyn Wildstein is a millionaire Jocelyn known as the cat woman. She was obsessed with her ex-husband who loved a cat, so she went under the knife to turn herself into a cat. More or less, $4,000,000, has been spent by her to become a cat. Some years ago the cat woman was reported as saying that she wanted to go back to a normal woman again. Therefore she needed to reconstruct her look (again) with several plastic surgeries. It requires a lot of time to go back to her original face.

Whew! Reconsidering that nose- job already? We understand!