Casper Nyovest Made History Books

This weekend South African history books were updated when South African rapper Cassper Nyovest sold-out a venue that has never been sold out by a South African Hip hop act and allegedly has NEVER been sold out by any South African act all. The Dome which accommodates up to 20,000 people was full to its capacity. People took it to twitter and congratulate Cassper on this groundbreaking concert that, the event was attended by the well known South African celebrities and Politicians. As if the love from the public was not already enough, even South Africa’s first citizen President Jacob Zuma has congratulated Cassper on this achievement. Some people have gone to ask if in a country of 50Million people, should 20 000 even be an achievement? These however some of the positive tweets that Cassper received;

Trevor Noah tweeted Well done Cassper Well do

Sizwe Dhlomo@SizweDhlomo

Now, let me tell you something here boys & girls… Cassper had better production on this show than Kanye West!

#FillUpTheDomeJulius Sello Malema@Julius_S_Malema

Going to #FillUpTheDome today,hope this ANC ministers don’t hijack it and make it something else. No politics at #FillUpTheDome please…