Cameroon Moves Up In FIFA Rankings


Following the win at the Africa Cup of Nations, Cameroon now sits at the 33rd position, moves up the ladder by 29 steps.

Cameroon has won the African champion title five times in counting and now hold the 3rd position in Africa. This is 9 steps up from the 12th position they previously held.

The Afcon winners claimed the title after beating the best ranked country, Egypt, out of the race at the African Cup of Nations last week in Gabon.

Even though Egypt was beaten by Cameroon, they still moved up 12 places globally, landing on the 25th spot on the world list.

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Cameroon fans in Gabon

Africa’s top 10 in Fifa’s rankings for February (last month’s ranking sin brackets)

1 (3) Egypt

2 (1) Senegal

3 (12) Cameroon

4 (4) Tunisia

5 (6) DR Congo

6 (8) Burkina Faso

7 (7) Nigeria

8 (9) Ghana

9 (2) Ivory Coast

10 (10) Morocco