Burna Boy releases original version of “Rockstar”

burna1 Listen to ‘the real’ version of “Rockstar”.

Burna Boy’s fan might be in for a little confusion over the next few days as they try figure out which version of his latest single, “Rockstar”, is the real one. But not to worry, PRTV has found the version Burna actually wants you to hear.

The “Tonight” hitmaker has released the final version of the groovy reggae laced jam after his former label, Aristokrat Records, released their own raw version of the track a few days prior.

“Rockstar” sees Burna crooning about his star status over an island jam beat that will certainly have his fans singing and dancing along for months to come. “Rockstar” will also reportedly get a music video in the next few weeks too. Listen to the track below and let us know what you think: