Bobby Brown spilling Whitney Houston Tea

We’re sure you already know that now that Whitney Houston is gone, her controversial husband Bobby Brown is spilling ALL her tea! In his latest memoir titled “Every little step” Bobby makes incredible accusations and claims against his deceased wife! What caught our attention the most was his claims that Whitney was bisexual and had a long-term affair with her assistant and creative director Robin Crawford, he also claims the songstress had an affair with legendary rapper Tupac Shakur….. G’DZAM!!!! Spill mister Brown! Spill! In more news he also alleges that he kicked Janet Jackson out of his hotel room stark naked! Wendy Williams, a day ago while interviewing Tito Jackson who is Janet’s brother also inquired for the busybodies1!

For all of us who like things, this sounds like it’s going to be a must have!! Teacups out people!