As E Dey Hot – Yawa Dey!

Our people say if we take picture of person wey dey in motion of anger or vexation and who wey dey craze dem go surely look like relatives.

According to scientific & psychological research, result dey claim say all manPikin get  Wetin dem dey call ” one minute of madness” in our everyday

If you like to argue say No be so ehn? Floor dey open for u to shook ontop Asedeyhot

This one na Kolomental case, about craze people. Some craze dey bring money, But e get one kain Craze, wey be say we dey refer to as the ones wey don enter market. Hardcore madness and the outlaws.

Every day by day, from inside us, we go just see say some people start to dey kolo , due to one reason or the other most of us dey always like to conclude say all kolo mental ,lunatic alias mad man wey we see dey  chop the payment of evil works of dem hand, but overall if we no just reason am based on area Jazz perspective, we go see say some people na Wetin  dem dey go through , certain shock, accident, or many plenty unpleasant suprises  wey we no plan for, na ihm dey even plenty pass inside our people craze matter , dem say na we dey do ourselves . Our Do me I do you na ihm cause the rise in artificial Juju supported head Turning mad people population wey be say when if eventually due to some divine intervention the person fit well again.

Parliamentary Yawa dey , “Shey u believe say person wey kolo b4 fit regain full control of ihn sanity again and to still fit reason like bfre  ?

E no go be bad thing if u believe say craze man fit well again & in opposition if you think say Na Lie!

Say once debe like dis Na debe debe, say craze man no fit well then it’s time to shook mouth ontop the gbege wey our brother dey face, he say things turn for ihn eye, e enter yabaleft , from one place to the other na ihm ihn family dey carry am around for 2 years , eventually he say he don well , he say he dey reason well and he fit even reason pass bfre, He say friends and family plus work people wey know as e take happen, dey make am feel like say he still dey over reason like say he never well finish due to say he don kolo mental once upon a time, He say he don taaaya to dey try prove to them, he say make we country people talk our mind make he for know true weather our society no dey gree belief say person insanity fit dey cured or to be restored back to normal one way or the other.

Oga at the top Shey u go fit employ retired mad man, Aunty u go gree if ur fiancé tell u say he don craze?

Shook mouth: “Shey u think say person wey don kolo before fit well 100%again?”

To be fit for employment, not to be stigmatized or left in isolation

How we go take empower retired mad men? Or are they condemned?

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