Angelina Jolie secretly escapes the Brange circle.


Angelina Jolie files for divorce after 2 years of marriage to Brad Pit. The couple which has been together for 9 years since the production of the Mr. and Mrs Smith movie, left actress Jennifer Aniston heartbroken.


Jennifer Aniston

The pair had always maintained a sexy kind off tension between them, like any other couple they fought and made up. This time it looks like they might have reached a dead-end. The two were reported to be facing difficult times since June. Rumor has it that what led to the couple’s split was Brad’s latest behavior. He is said to have started smoking weed and excessively drinking. Angelina has had enough of her husband’s intoxication, which leads to anger problems.


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

It looks like Angie has been planning this for a while and she has revised her strategy, Angelina will not entertain the “the other woman angle,” simply because it was not true, and given how she and Brad started “poor Jen” it wouldn’t benefit her.

Also Angelina cares about her public image, she has redefined her public image better than almost everyone else. Angelina Jolie has been known for so many years to be the most desirable and most beautiful woman; she does not want to become the “jilted woman”. In June, Brad was rumored to be “too close” to Marion Cotillard during their filming of the World War ll in London. Angie hired a private investigator to confirm whether the rumor was true or false. Thanks to the private investigator, she discovered that Brad had been partying like a single guy with hard drugs and Russian hookers.


Angie says she wont put up with Brad’s midlife crisis.

Angelina who has dealt with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy is steering this ship, Brad absolutely has no clue that his precious half was leaving him.

Could this be karma? sips tea