AKA & Cassper Nyovest beef

AKA calls out Cassper Nyovest on Twitter!

Oh no! We smell beef in the air! South African rapper AKA has always been known to be a loud mouth and there very few things he doesn’t rant and rave about. This time AKA has decided to direct the heat towards hip hop’s rising star Cassper Nyovest! The beef started on Sunday when AKA tweeted, “There’s a rapper running around saying he got the biggest song in the country…I challenge you to find his song in the iTunes Top 100.”

Although AKA didn’t say who he was referring to, it was more or less clear that the jab was directed at Cassper Nyovest since his “Doc Shebeleza” anthem has been enjoying just as much hype as AKA’s “Congratulate”. Initially Cassper chose not to respond but tempers have since risen and today (29 April) Cassper broke his silence by tweeting, “You’re lying nigga!!! #DocShebeleza is the biggest record out!!! That’s not an opinion!!! That’s a fact!!! You’ve got Napolean Complex!!!”. Ouch!

Fans of both rappers have take to social media to voice their concerns and allegances around the beef. From our side it’s hard to tell who’s winning but Cassper certianly isn’t taking AKA’s trash talking lying down!

Who do you think is the better rapper? Knowing rappers, this could all just be a publicity stunt to push their new singles. (AKA’s new video drops this Friday and Cassper just released his video)