Behind The Scenes


Peek behind the scenes of some of the biggest music videos in the land. Watch the blood, sweat and tears that went into creating the videos that you’ve grown to love. Walk with Planet TV as we go behind the scenes! … [Read more...]

Pick Your Q


Pick Your Q puts all your favorite celebs on the spot by asking them some of the most random and quirky questions ever! See your favorite celebs in a different light as they dig deep for the answers on Pick Yo Q! … [Read more...]

Stand Up Nigeria


Laugh till it hurts then laugh a little more with Planet Radio TV! Stand Up Nigeria highlights Nigeria’s seasoned and up and coming stand up comedians. Better grab your tissues ‘coz we guarantee you tears of joy on Stand Up Nigeria. … [Read more...]

Top Achievers


Profiling the success of Africa’s hardest working stars, Top Achievers pays homage to the efforts some of your top stars have put into their careers. Enjoy their music, share in their pain and admire their stories. It’s Top Achievers! … [Read more...]

Focus On


Focus On shines the spotlight on some of the top stars in entertainment. Enjoy an uninterrupted hour of Focus On and check out the rise and rise of your favorite music star as we play their biggest and most iconic hits. … [Read more...]

Fashion Statement


It’s all about the world of fashion and trends! Get all your fashion news and find out just what you should be rocking the next time you hit the streets! If dressing up is your thing, this is your show! … [Read more...]

Know Your Celebrity


Get to know your favorite celebrity like never before as we showcase their lives both on and off camera. Ever wondered what stars do when the mic goes off, we’ll here’s where we show you! … [Read more...]


Access 20

is a countdown of 20 of the biggest videos on the continent, hosted by Chuma Phiri produced by Think Tank Media for PlaneTV. You get full access to exclusive content straight from artists, video directors, stylists and go behind the scenes of the video shoots. … [Read more...]

Good Morning Africa


Good Morning Africa is a highly interactive Breakfast Show designed to entertain, inform and educate viewers in Africa and beyond. Highlighting Modern Africa by spotlighting its vibrant socio-economic developments and pulsating ever-growing entertainment industry. … [Read more...]

Jazz Session


Take it easy with the sweet sounds of soul and jazz music. There’s no better way to unwind than with Jazz Session. Plunge into the world of the grown and sexy with Jazz Session! … [Read more...]