YouTube Moments


The Internet never ceases to provide a steady stream of hilarious and plain crazy videos. YouTube Moments scours the web for the funniest videos we can get our hands on and packs them into 30 minutes of non-stop laughter! Laughter is the best medicine and YouTube Moments is just what the doctor ordered! … [Read more...]

Volume 10

Volume 10

is a unique weekly chart that tracks the hottest videos right now and exclusively focuses on artists that have made waves all over the world. Here you’ll find the latest hits from music megastars—and discover the hottest new sounds from the artists of the day. … [Read more...]

Planet Now


Planet Now is a leading entertainment show that showcase the lives of the biggest stars both on and off the screen. From the red carpet to the studio, you know you can find Planet Now there! … [Read more...]

Football Clique

Football Clique

Tis an exciting prime time show that will surely have all football lovers glued to their screens .The show brings together two teams of football analysts with opposing views on the hottest topics in the world of football. … [Read more...]

Plus 234 (Drama Series)

Plus 234

The call center is new and struggling financially. With no big clients , things are proving hard, a drama series with mature humor ,it covers societal issues like gay rights, unemployment and more Dealing with everyday issues and the lives of the call center staff. … [Read more...]

Ghetto Legends

Ghetto Legends

Born and raised in a world of hardships, they struggled and persevered to find their feet. From the ghetto they rose to the game, from no name to household name. … [Read more...]

P Sport Headlines


Whether it’s the beautiful sport or the gentlemen’s game, we cover it all on Planet TV! Get the latest results, fixture update and sporting news on P Sport Headlines. Keep your finger on the pulse in the world of sports with Planet TV! … [Read more...]

My Top 5


It’s your favorite celebrities and their favorite music videos! Join some of the biggest music stars and these reveal the songs that influenced their careers. You’ve come to adore their music, now find out which songs they’ve fallen in-love with! … [Read more...]

Flight 104


Attention and welcome to our passengers. Welcome aboard Flight 104, your dancehall and reggae music express! We assure you that everything is ire in the land of Planet TV and we suspect that once the journey begins, you may not wanna leave us! Flight 104 is your number one island music show! Definitely one not to be missed! … [Read more...]

Style Loft

Style Loft

Exploring celebrity style and how to apply it in everyday day style choices. Style loft highlights the highs and lows of fashion giving just as much attention to men as women. … [Read more...]